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The Second Dance: Typically, after the first dance with the bride and groom, the second dance is for the bride and her father and, in some instances, the groom and his mother will join in half way through instead of having their own third dance,

Nonetheless, this is a very special dance for the bride and her father and should be spotlighted as such. By splitting the first dance in the beginning and second dance after dinner really highlights the special dances individually. It also reopens the dance floor or leads into a third or fourth special dances.

For brides with a dad and a step-dad, instead of worring over who gets to dance with the bride; have another special dance for the step-dad later in the night. This will include him in having a special dance and it is not over shadowed by the traditional father/daughter daance.

If your dad is second to none! In recent times, a few brides have asked to dance with their father first and then have their groom come and take her away at the end of the dance.It was quite special and very touching. This was done after dinner and the concept was that dad, once again, was giving away his daughter.

FIRST AND SECOND DANCE OPTIONS: Here is a list of songs that Sound Center provides to their brides and grooms looking for First and Second Dance options. Basically, the idea for the First dance is to find a song that is special between the two of you. Many of these songs are classics and newer songs are not listed... at any rate, they may give you some ideas... Click here, 1st & 2nd Dances , for the list!!!Remember to press the back key to return here!!!