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Best Man's Toast: The Best Man's toast is typically given before dinner, during dinner or before cake cutting. The advantages of giving the toast before or during dinner is that the guests attention will be easier to capture and it breaks up the dinner monotony. A disadvantage, though slight, is that the champagne will be poured before the guest come into the ballroom and may be sitting there for a while. An advantage of having the toast before the cake cutting is for the photographic memory. By having the toast at this time allows the photographer to use the cake in the background and it is easy to move into the cake cutting after the toast. Check with your caterer and photographer for their input and preferences, it may be easier for the banquet staff to pour champagne at a certain time.

Other Toasts: It is not uncommon to have a few other toasts during the night. The Maid of Honor or the Matron of Honor's Toast(s) usually preceed the Best Man's Toast and when done together, makes for a great photograph moment. Sometimes, dads want to toast and typically the father of the bride may toast prior to dinner and the blessing. If the groom's dad wants to toast as well, we recommend he doing so after the salads, but not directly after the bride's father as to not overdue or outshine one another. Lsstly, the passing of the microphone for guests to toast is fun and a great way to get greetings from family members, but try to put a heads up into the caterer, because they may be preparing to bring out food or have timing issues. This way it is better planned for and the chefs will appreciate the notice!