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The First Dance: Typically, the first dance is for the bride and groom, the second dance is for the bride and her father and, in some instances, the groom and his mother, and the third dance is for the wedding party and the guest to join in. In some cases, the groom and his mother will have the third dance and a fourth dance can be added for the wedding party and guests.

Keep in mind that your guests will have been sitting around for quite some time, through the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner, and will be anxious to join the dance floor. Too many beginning dances can be long and difficult for the DJ to recapture the energy of your guests as they head for the restrooms or bar. It is not uncommon to "speed" things up by bringing in the wedding party during the second dance, after your photographer has captured the moment with the bride and her father and groom and his mother. Also, if the bride and groom expect to be uncomfortable dancing alone with each other for a whole dance, bring in the bride's father and groom's mother to finish off the first dance.

Lastly, the first dance usually starts after the dinner. Some couples prefer to have the first dance at the beginning of the party, expecting the guests to dance during dinner. Typically, guest will not dance until after the dinner and it becomes difficult to bring the party to a crescendo with the "big" dance when it occurs in the beginning. If you choose to have the first dance at the beginning, save the second dance (bride and father) for after dinner to signify the beginning of dancing. This will work, even if guests dance between the dinner courses, and spotlights the second dance more.

First and Second Dance Options: Here is a list of songs that Sound Center provides to their brides and grooms looking for First and Second Dance options. Basically, the idea for the First dance is to find a song that is special between the two of you. Many of these songs are classics and newer songs are not listed... at any rate, they may give you some ideas... Click here, 1st & 2nd Dances , for the list!!!Remember to press the back key to return here!!!

Choosing Between Two First Dance Songs: This happens at times when the bride wants one song and the groom prefers another. Our best recommendation is to use the bride's song choice for the first dance and then have the DJ dedicate the groom's song choice later that evening to the bride. This dedication can occur either as one of the third or fourth dance optons, sometime during the dancing, after the cake cutting and bouquet toss or even as the last dance. At any time, the dedication is much more romantic and will add a special touch to the dancing.-