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Wedding Introductions

"And now, the bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs....." The Wedding Introduction is the time when your DJ is truely the emcee and sets the tone for the rest of the party. Prior to the big announcement, your Sound Center DJ will line up the wedding party, review their names and then get the wedding guests seated. A few common questions about the introductions are answered below.

Who is announced and what order? This is totally up to you, but some basic traditions should be followed.There are many combinations of who are to be announced from Grand-Parents to Parents to the wedding party or just the bride and groom. Here are some tips.

Grand-Parents are nice to include but are not commonly introduced in the beginning, but if they are, they should be first.

Parents are typically included with the bride's parents being announced first. Thiis is based on the tradition of the bride's parents hosting the party. Occassionally there are four sets of parents or even in some cases some moms or dads who have remarried and the other that have not. In these circomstances, ask them about their comfort level of walking in by themselves or with a significant other or another family member. A "norm" has not been set for divorsed parents, so do what feels best to everyone.

The Wedding Party, is made up of various combinations of bridesmaids and groomsmen. In some cases there may be more bridesmaids or more groomsmen and pairing up may be difficult. It is okay to have a group of three or to have someone walk in by themselves. The real trick ts to make sure that the Maid/Matron of Honoris walking in with the Best Man together before the bride and groom.

The Bride and Groom and they can be annunced in by Mr. and Mrs. or Mr. and Mrs groom's first name... or just their first name and the groom's last name. Alot of options with no right way, however you want is all right! In some cases, the bride and groom are the only ones announced into the room. This tends to happen when the cocktail hour runs late or when all of the wedding party is already in the dining hall sitting down or even just for the ease and spotlight on the couple.

Junior Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and Ring Bearers can be announced priior to the wedding party, but keep in mind the age of the children and if they are going to be able to walk into a large room by themselves, or not, when introduced.

As part of the Sound Ceenter DJ planner sheets, the Wedding Party Worksheet outlines the order of people to be announced into the room with the bride and groom. Note, when filling out the planner sheet, if the groom's father is also the best man, don't put his name down twice, make a note under the appropriate heading.

And when does the announcing happen? Typically, after the cocktail hour and after the guests have been seated at their table. Sometimes, the bride and groom finish their photographs early and want to be announced into the cocktail room. This can work if the room is connected and/or the same room as the dining room in which the DJ can get the guests attention and the guests can hear the announcing. But, remember that this party is for you and if you and your spouse sneak in during the cocktail party to enjoy some hor duevers and drinks, it will take nothing away from the grand announcement before dinner. We actually recommend it and take the time to meet and greet your family and friends!