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What's New?

Update on 08/05/2000:

The Kewllink page has been removed, due to lack of interest from our web visitors. The Party File has not been updated and no more links to it exist, though it is still there for possible future revitalization. The Site Map has been completed and the main page has been updated to view easier with those people using Internet Explorer on AOL. One link has been added to the Songlist Maker on the main page and as future databases are completed, more links will appear to our new Interactive Database page at

Note: a few pages on the Information Page still need to be formatted for the logo and title to be the same as the other pages. A few cosmetic changes need to be completed on the songlist page and a link to the Songlist Maker should be added. And, more links should be added to the Morelinks page with all of the fine web sites that refer us!!!

Update on 06/27/97:

The Main Homepage has been deleted and will automatically refresh to the Information Page. The Information Page has two colums with original information and a selected amount of information from the Homepage. Any of the below locations can now be found on the Information Page.

Major Links Not Completed: the General FAQ and Site Map has not been completed or Uploaded as of yet. Plans of completing these pages are schedule by the end of the summer, 1997. Many links on the Kewl Links page need to be completed and tested as well.

Upcoming Changes and Additions: The Exceptional Vendor list will have a link to a list of all Hotels and Catering Halls in the Northern Virginia Area. DJ Profiles, email addresses and Bio's will be added to the Sound Center Business Profile page, and hidden client "song request" forms will be announced for the 1998 season.

Update on 01/22/97:

The Sample Music List (songlist) can now be accessed from the main information page. Catagories are being expanded as quickly as we can. Country and 90's sections are pretty up to date as of now... have fun and send any requests to our email address!!!

We Need Your Help: We're looking for the coolest links to a variety of pages that discuss different types of music... please, if you find some ... let us know!!!

Update on 12/10/96:

The "Relevent Links" page can only be accessed from the Table of Contents 1 on the front page. The access was moved from the "Information Page Main Index". Use the RED button to access other relevent links.

A complete songlist of the most requested songs has been added to the "Wedding" pages under the sub-index of "Songlists". The lists are catagorized by decades and then sub-catagorized by general nature of music. These are partial listings to initiate ideas, but can be used as complete songlists by simply adding the "Special Request" form. The "Special Request" form has not been added at this time, but should be available in January, 1997.

BY REQUEST - coming soon!!!

Wedding Planners, Event Planners, Holiday Event Planners and Mitzvah Planners will be added for your convience!!! Look under specific sections for the planners.

The Wedding Ceremony section will be expanded to include a list of ceremony music and wedding CDs as well as a small jukebox for previewing certain selections.