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Dulles Sound Center's Web Page Site Map

The following is an alphabetical listing of what is on the Sound Center Information webpage. We've also included a brief description of each page and subpages to help you find what you are looking for. Have fun and if you have any questions, please E-Mail us!!!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah The Bar/Bat Mitzvah page discusses frequently asked questions about DJs and Mitzvahs. The main page goes through these questions and reviews some extra tips for a successful Mitzvah. A subpage called, Reception Info and Other Links goes through a typical Mitzvah and includes a link to our GAMES List, which reviews common Mitzvah Games.

Business/Corporate Parties The Business Corporate Page discusses frequently asked questions about DJs and a variety of Corporate Functions. It is one of the original pages and needs to be updated considerablly.

Business Profile for Sound Center DJs This is the official home page for Dulles Sound Center DJs and has a lot of great information about the company. The first page is a brief history about Sound Center and on the bottom is an index of various topics, including: Pricing information for our services, types of equipment our DJs use for parties, booking information and contract names and numbers, information relative to our contracts, other miscellaneous information about our DJs in general, about choosing music, meeting with the DJ and planning a party with Sound Center, and lastly, out DJ Profile page which includes individual information about a few of our DJs.

E-Mail Address for Sound Center DJs

Exceptional Vendors List This page lists a variety of vendors that provide services for specific parties. Categorized by party type and then by service, use this list to find a great services with professional we have worked with in the past.

General FAQ's This page reviews many frequently asked questions about choosing and hiring a DJ as well as a variety of other related topics.

Hotel Listings for Virginia This page is a basic list of a variety of banquet sites, though not complete. In the near future, this page will be replaced by our upcoming Catering and Banquet Hall database, located on our Interactive Database page.

Holiday Parties Ahhh.. the green page!!! This will be a subpage from the Business/Corporate page, discussing tips for an exceptional Holiday Party. Currently, not even close to being completed.

Karaoke Information If you're interested in Karaoke, this is the page you need. This page reviews many topics about having Karaoke at your next function and links to one of our favorite Karaoke personnel's, KJ Lani, Karaoke Korner webpage.

Kids Parties This page reviews topics and frequently asked questions about DJs and Kids Parties and School Functions. Topics includes information for elementary, middle school and high school aged kids as well as some basic planning ideas.

Relevent Links Thsi page has a few links to other sites that are related to weddings, mitzvahs and such. Though, we don't really ever want you to leave our page, so we haven't added to this page in a very long time.

Songlist This is a great list of popular selections, categorized by decade. Unfortunately, the current Top Forty and Country lists have not been updated since 1998, you can find more of the 90's, Y2K, and Country music on our Songlist Maker database page.

Songlist Maker This page is one of the many pages to come on our new Interactive Database page located at www.soundcenterdj.com. Basically, the Songlist Maker creates a personal songlist from song selections that you choose from our database of popular music. Most of the highly requested songs from the earlier decades and the best of the current Top Forty and Country are listed there.

Updates to the Webpage This page is a loosely updated page of changes on the Dulles Sound Center DJ page.

Wedding Information This page reviews many frequently asked questions about Weddings and DJ and offers pros and cons about specific topics during the reception. It also reviews DJs and Wedding Ceremonies and contains a link to our Wedding Ceremony Songlist page and Wedding Reception Planner sheets. This last link will be replaced with a link to our Interactive Database Planner Sheet page in the near future.


Last updated: 08/05/2000