Bar/Bat Mitzvah Games!!!

The following games are some of the most popular games played at Bar/Bat Mitzvah's. If you have any other games or suggestions... please E-Mail us, (address on previous page) we are always open to new and fun ideas!!! Please feel free to print this list.

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COKE N PEPSI: Each person finds a partner and lines up across the dance floor from each other. One side is coke and the other side is pepsi; have the Bar/Bat Mitzvah person choose the side which he/she wants to be and the kids are allowed to switch sides at that time. When the DJ says "coke" the coke side runs over to the pepsi side and sits on their partner knee. If the DJ says "pepsi", the opposite happens. If the DJ says "Dr. Pepper" the kids switch sides, but not their names. If the DJ says any other cola and a team member begins to run, their team is eliminated. The last team player to make it to the otherside and sits down is eliminated. All players are eliminated to the last couple.

BAGEL. LOX AND CREAM CHEESE: A totally edible game!!! Each child finds a partner and stands in a line facing each other an arms length away. When the DJ calls out Bagel, each team member places his/her right hand on the others left shoulder. When the DJ calls out Lox, the team turns back to back and lock arms togther. When the DJ calls out cream cheese, one member sits on the other member's knee as in Coke n Pepsi. Then the DJ calls out a series of commands and the last group to do all commands in order is eliminated. (ie... "bagel, bagel, lox, cream cheese")

HUGGY BEAR: A good game to include all the kids, no partners needed, hugs are fun!!! The DJ calls out a number, "Huggy Bear says..." and they have to form a group of that number, anybody not in that right amount is eliminated. The object is to have two players left. It is fun to watch who the real friends are when the DJ gets down to low numbers.

PAUL JONES: Great to get all kids slow dancing with each other. The boys are in the middle, facing out, in a circle. The girls suround the boys in a circle. One fast song is played to "march" to and the boys go clockwise and the girls go counter clockwise. The DJ stops the fast song and mixes in a slow song, whom ever they are facing, they dance with that person for about a quarter or half the song. Then the fast song is played and they do it all over again.

DJ SAYS: Just like SIMON SAYS... the kids do particular actions and they can't stop unless the "DJ says"...

LIMBO CONTEST: Self Explanatory

FREEZE DANCE: The DJ simply plays a song and when the DJ turns off the music, who ever is moving is eliminated. Variation: use a ball, orange, or something to pass around in a circle and who ever has the item when the song stops is eliminated.

HULA HOOPS: Hula hoop contest are always fun.... OR get several groups of kids in a circle holding hands. Place one hula hoop around the neck and under the arm of one child. THE OBJECTIVE.... the kids have to move the hula hoop around the group, without letting go of each others hands.... IT CAN BE DONE. Great game to encourage working together.

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