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This page is designed to take you through a typical Bar/Bat Mitvah from start to finish and provides answers to frequently asked questions under each section. At the end are some links to other FAQs concerning Mitzvahs. If you have any questions, please write us and we may add your questions to our homepage for others. Our Email address is below.

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There are several things you can do during the Cocktail Hour, depending on the location of the Mitzvah. If the Cocktail Hour is outside of the main room, you can either send the kids into the room with the DJ, have some other form of entertainment for that hour or nothing at all. If you choose to send the kids in early, the DJ will typically keep the them active by playing games. If you decide not to send the kids in early, you may want to hire some other form of entertainment such as a magician, caricaturist, karaoke or button-maker. For some ideas, check out the VENDOR LIST link located at the bottom of the MAIN PAGE.

Many times the Cocktail Hour is located in the same room as the rest of the Mitzvah. In this case, the adults will socialize and the kids will need to be entertained. Sometimes, the kids prefer to socialize as well and that is all right. If they seem to be getting "antsy", the DJ will start a few games until it is time for lunch/dinner. Another scenario is that the adults are just as anxious to start dancing as the kids. In this case, the DJ can provide upbeat music and encourage dancing with both the kids and adults and may initiate some group dances, like the "Electric Slide" and "Macarena". Never-the-less, an experienced DJ will be able to read the crowd and adjust his/her activities and music accordingly. Also, depending on the atmosphere you want to create, ie.. soft background or lively, letting the DJ know what you expect beforehand is recommended.



After the Cocktail Hour, but before the meal is served, you may want a blessing over bread (chala) and wine. This can be given by the Mitzvah person, the Rabbi, the parents or another relative. The DJ should have a wireless microphone to be used during this ceremony. Typically, the DJ will ask the guests to be seated, then call up the person giving the blessing and hand over the microphone. In some cases, this ceremony is skipped during the Mitzvah when the blessing was done at the Temple. For more information about the Blessing, check out Other Links on this page.



Games are normally played throughout the Mitzvah. How many games that are played depends on how much emphasis you want the DJ to spend on the kids versus the adults. Usually what happens after the Blessing is that the kids will finish their meal in about 15 minutes and return to the dance floor. At this point, the DJ will keep the kids active while the adults finish their meal. In some cases, the DJ will play games with the kids and interject adult oriented music during the different courses to encourage dancing from the adults. If none of the adults dance, the DJ will return to playing games with the kids. Click here on GAMES for a quick list of standard Mitzvah games.

PRIZES: Many times the DJ will reward the winners a prize. Prizes are not necessary, but can be fun. Normally, you will have to provide the prizes for the DJ. When purchasing prizes, buy gender neutral gifts, pre-wrap the gifts, usually 6 - 10 prizes are sufficient, and cassette singles or over sized candy bars are the most popular. Keep in mind that not everyone will win a "game prize"... if that is a concern of yours, purchase small giveaways to be placed at the kids table instead.



After the games have been played and the adults are finished with their meal is when the Candlelighting typically occurs. The Candlelighting is a recognition of important people in the life of the Mitzvah person. Typically, 14 candles for the boys (13 for the age, plus 1) and 13 for the girls (12 for the age, plus 1) are used. Specific songs can be played for each candle or one long hora can be played at a low volume during the whole ceremony. Make sure your DJ brings a wireless microphone for the Mitzvah person to use. At the end, the DJ should invite all of the Mitzvah person's friends to come to the table and blow out the candles; this makes for a great photograph.



After the Candlelighting ceremony, the DJ should play a hora. This will bring both the adults and kids onto the dance floor. During the hora, the Mitzvah person should be lifted in a chair, followed by any siblings and parents. After the hora, the DJ should concentrate on keeping the adults out on the dance floor and play group dances, like the Electric Slide, the Macarena, Chicken Dance and others. If the adults seem uninterested in dancing, the DJ will switch gears and continue entertaining the kids with music and games until the end of the party.



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