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Welcome to SCDJs Wedding Reception and Ceremony DJ Planning Resources!!
The following page links are for printable Ceremony and Reception DJ planners. A brief explanation of each planner follows. For specific information not included on the planner, simply add to the backside or in the space provided. Each planner is similiar to a standard Internet form, but is not executable. (You cannot send directly to your DJ service) But you can print the form, clear the information or copy and paste into an email. For Sound Center DJ clients, there are specific forms you can send via email... these are the same planners included in your Wedding Packet.

sorry... this page is not totally complete!!! As of April 20, 1998, one planner is ready to print and be used. Use the back button to return to previous page.

General Information for the Wedding Reception Planner:

If you're not doing specific items listed, simply enter N/A. If you want to do the Bouquet Toss, but not the Garter, cross out Garter. The $$$, money or Dollar Dance is a traditional dance where the guest pay a dollar (or more) to dance with the bride and/or the groom to a variety (usually slow or medium) of songs. The Hora is a traditional Jewish circle dance to Hava Naglia, including lifting the Bride and Groom up in a chair with a white napkin between them. Place "check marks" next to the people you want to join in for the second and third dance; you may want to specify "1/2 way through the song" for your DJ. Any other special dances can be included at the bottom of the sheet.

Basic Wedding Reception Planner: CLICK HERE This is a basic wedding planner that you can easily print out. (We apologize if the lines don't match up, it did for our printers!!!) Once printed, fill in the blanks and send to your DJ with your song selections from our Sample Music List. Have fun and we hope this helps!!!

Basic Form Wedding Reception Planner:

Dulles SCDJ EMail Wedding Reception Planner:

General Information for the Wedding Party Aunnouncement Planner:

Include the names of the individuals that you wish the DJ to announce into the room. Spell out difficult names phonetically. For "touchy situations like seperated/ remarried parents, list everyone and have the DJ use "escorted by". For example: "the mother of the Bride, Cindy Crawford, escorted by Tom Cruise". This will depend on your own situation on how you want the DJ to announce the family. Traditionally, the Brides parents are announced first; if seperated, the Bride's mother is first. The flower girls and ring bearer can enter at any time, before the parents, after the parents, before the bride and groom, this just depends on what you want to do. Keep in mind that small children may not want to "participate" in the Grand Entrance. You don't have to announce everyone!!! You can simply announce the Bridal party or even just the Bride and Groom. Specify how you want to be announced as: Mr. and Mrs. Cruise, Tom and Cindy Cruise or even just Tom and Cindy. Also, specify to the DJ if you want the term, "first time in public as..." or something else more fitting to your situation.

Basic Wedding Party Announcement Planner:

Basic Form Wedding Party Announcement Planner:

Dulles SCDJ EMail Wedding Party Announcement Planner:

General Information for the Wedding Ceremony Planner:

Basic Ceremony Planner:

Basic Form Ceremony Planner:

Dulles SCDJ EMail Ceremony Planner:

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