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The following information is a compilation of frequently asked questions about DJs and corporate receptions. If you have more questions, please write us and we may add your topic here for others. Our Email address is below.

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DJs vs Bands - The Bottom Line: Basically, your company will get more continuous music for less money using a DJ; sometimes at a quarter the cost of a band. Disc Jockeys also carry a wider variety of music to satisfy everyone from the president to the mail clerk. And, specific songs can be played as the requests come in.!!! Add a small light show, a blow up guitar and an energetic DJ and you'll have tons of excitement, music for everyone and a whole lot of dancing all night long.


Flexibility - Black tie affairs to Beach themes: DJs are the most versatile type of entertainment you can hire. Disc Jockeys can be sophisticated or wild, depending on the atmosphere your corporation wants to create. And, at times, the DJ can change the atmosphere as the night progresses. You can start off with a "black tie" cocktail and dinner hour with light jazz and/or piano music. Then kick in the dance music after the speeches, loosen up the ties and party!!!

Are you having several parties with different themes throughout the year? DJs would be perfect, especially if you find an individual or company you like. Instead of spending time auditioning different bands for that Beach Party and later that Southwestern Fiesta, your DJ can bring the music and dress the part each time. Plus, you are not "stuck" with just a marriachi band or steel drums all night. Instead, your DJ can "switch" over to the party music your associates love when it is time to dance. DJs can fit into any corporate function!!!


Is a DJ right for my corporate function? Simply put, you will be amazed what a little music can do for your function. Turn a small casino night into a Las Vegas style party. A sales reception into a pep rally! A quarterly kick-off into a Super Bowl!! An awards ceremony into an Oscar!!! The possibilities are truly endless and your company has nothing but fun to gain. Professional DJ services can match up specific personalities to fit your corporate culture, provide music for specific themes and will be enthusiastic to service your needs.


DJ Services vs Individuals vs Music Agents: So you are excited about hiring a DJ, but where do you go? Generally a DJ service will have a lower cost than a music or talent agent and possiblly some individuals (depending how popular they are). An advantage of a Music agent is that they will generally only hire DJs that meet their specific requirements. Meaning they have done all the foot work in interviewing and auditioning for you. But, as expected, you will probally pay about 25% more for their services and many times they use the DJ Services or individuals that you could hire directly. Music agents are typically listed in the Yellow Pages under entertainment. DJ Services and individual DJs are listed under Disc Jockeys. A disadvantage of using an individual DJ is that if something were to happen to him/her, you may be out of luck in finding a replacement. With a good DJ Service, you will always be guaranteed a DJ, no matter what. One disadvantage in using a DJ Service depends on if they use "subcontractors" or have employees. DJ Services using subcontractors, by legal definiton, lose control over the DJ's performance, how he/she presents him/herself, equipment and music requirements and even when he/she has to arrive for a function. Typically, employees of a DJ Service will have more rules and guidelines to follow to meet the DJ Service's reputation.

But most importantly, when searching for a DJ, make sure you can either meet or speak with the DJ that will be assigned to your corporate function. Make sure that the company, DJ Service or Music Agent, will guarantee the DJ you choose, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Also, services should provide you with planner sheets and songlists to help plan your party. Review these sheets with your DJ before the show and make sure that he/she will have all of the your music requirements. Other than that.... you'll have a great party with a DJ!!!


Adding Karaoke to your Corporate event: We dedicated a whole page to Karaoke entertainment. Click on KARAOKE and find out more!!!


On Raffles & Stuff: Raffles and Giveaways at your Corporate Event is always welcomed by your employees and can add to making the night fun and exciting. Typically, Raffle Tickets are handed out or, if you have a small company, simply employee names on slips of paper are used instead and then picked at various times throughout the evening. But if you want to "spice" up the giveaway time, here are a few ideas.


Getting The Guests Involved: Corporate parties can be difficult for the DJ to get the guests up and dancing. So many factors are at play, such as the Corporate Culture, entertaining a group of people that don't normally socialize with each other outside of work, significant others that don't know each other, and even the time of year that the party is being held. But, despites these odds, people do dance at Corporate Parties and some of it is in part to a few basic influences.


On tipping the DJ: Tipping is an appreciation for a job well done. If your DJ went over and above your expectation, tipping is an excellent way to show your appreciation. 5% to 20% of the total cost is suggested, but any amount is truely welcomed.

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