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Background Check:

I lived in Herndon for the first 13 years of my life, then I moved to Loudoun County where I went to Broad Run High School . During my senior year, I attended Charles S. Monroe vocational school for AC/REFRIGERATION /HEATING.

I started sheetmetal work right after I graduated from high school . I do sheetmetal work during the day in which I construct the ductwork for houses in the VA MD and DC area. My sheetmetal company also does special orders such as antique items that contain sheetmetal in them.

I started DJing for Sound Center DJs about one month after I graduated. Sound Center is a great company to work for and I probably wouldn't be a DJ if I worked for any other DJ company.

In my spare time, I like to bowl and ride my motorcycle . I am an average bowler who goes just for the fun of it . I believe that if you can't have fun bowling, then it is nothing less than being at work. I bowl every Sunday night on a leagueand it is the best night out of the week .

My family is originally from Rhode Island and we go back to when the settlers first came over to the United States. I still have family in Italy, where my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother are from . One of these days I would like to follow my family tree and learn what part of Italy they came from and how they got here. Hopefully, I can relive it all and visit Italy to see where my ancestors came from and what they went through to get to the United States.

Thank you for visiting my web page and have a wonderfull day .

- DJ Todd


Email: toddy@sndcntrdj.com


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Experience Counts!!!

One of the things that impresses us the most about DJ Todd is the amount of calls that we get requesting his services. DJ Todd gets more call backs and referals than any of our other djs. Though we kid him that he is attaching $20 bills to his business cards, we know it is because of his honest hard work that he puts into every show.

DJ Todd first started working for Dulles Sound Center DJs around 1992 as a roadie. His timeliness, enthusiastic nature and love of various music quickly caught our attention. And since his first solo show (who still request him to this day for their annual father-daughter dance), he has become one of our star DJs.

Though he is well versed in Country Music and Oldies, DJ Todd keeps our staff up-to-date with the best new music, before they become hits. But his love for the new Top 40 doesn't inhibit him from spinning the past hits just as enthusiastically. In fact, when it comes to a multi-aged group, he is more likely to get the adults dancing to the Twist or Celebration, before sliding in a new hit from Will Smith for the younger guests.

DJ Todd is experienced in Wedding Receptions, Corporate Functions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and various adult and children parties. He is quick to initiate a coordinators role when needed and can handle any of your emcee needs. It is common for him to develope friendships during the planning stage of a party (he gets Holiday Cards from past clients) and loves to make a party memorable.

He is friendly, courteous, professional and energetic and we certainly appreciate him being on the Dulles Sound Center Team. For fun and dancing, hire DJ Todd as the best part of your party!!!

- Dulles Sound Center DJs Management

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