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Experience Counts!!!

Steve S. happily joined the ranks of Dulles Sound Center DJs in December of 2001, after being transferred from Norfolk to the DC Area. He had run his own DJ Service in the Hampton Roads Area and was excited to continue doing what he loved to do the most (as well as his Military Career, Uncle Sam, his family and the Honor of the Red, White and Blue... of course).

His Manager recalls, "I remember his initial call looking for work. Normally, I don't just hire from a blind call like that, but he was referred to us by a very good associate and his enthusiasm for DJing was unsurpassed." After getting rave reviews throughout the Holiday Season, Steve and his wife joined us at our own Holiday Party and walked out with our cash grand price from the raffle.

It is all about making the customer happy is Steve's attitude and philosophy on why he enjoys being a DJ so much. Steve has no qualms about going the extra mile or giving 150% during an event to make sure it went better than expected. And, during our review sessions of each party, his enthusiasm and excitement about the event makes us wish we were there as one of the guests.

If you're looking for a highly motivated and energetic DJ with years of experience for your next event, we have no hesitation in recommending Steve S. for the service. Be it a wedding reception, corporate function, barbcue or anything with kids, Steve S. will undoubtedly be the best part of your party!!!


- Dulles Sound Center DJ Management

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