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"...propane and propane related products"

Background Check:

Born in 1970, I moved to Sterling in my early years and have not been able to escape since. I've watched the hay fields of Ashburn paved over, the forrests of Cascades cut down, and shopping malls sprout up like dandilions, everywhere I turn. Though some leave because of the "sprawl", I stay because it is my home. And now that there is an Outback Steak House, I have no reason to leave.

What's cool and NOT:

Bowling is definitely cool. Although those who take bowling a little to seriously are NOT. I bowl on a quiet Sunday Night league, where the stakes are not to high and the other bowlers enjoy friendly bantering. It is a relaxing sport, that requires several seconds of concentration and immediate gratification. And , of course, the best part is when one of my teammates buys the round of beer.

Television is cool. The CBS coverage of Washington's Millinnium Celebration was NOT!!! There is nothing like coming in from working a great party and sitting down with all of my television friends. From ER to Friends and Simpsons to Whose Line Is It, the spectrum of television shows I consume is to great to mention, even for cyber space. Though my friends and family may ridicule me for my television obsession, one day they will understand. Because when they find themselves in a court of law, I will be able to guide them with my infinite wisdom gained through countless episodes of Judge Judy!!!

Nintendo 64 is way cool. But renting a video game form Blockbuster without directions is NOT. My love for Nintendo has earned me a title from my family as the "true poster adult for Toys R Us", but I try to convince them that it is research for my job. What better way to relate to the kids at one of my parties then to converse about the newest Nintendo game? Racing games are probally one of my favorite, then some of the sport games would come in a close second. Adventure games like Donkey Kong and Duke Nukem are also way cool, but the role playing games with popup screens are boring. And for those of you who say that Video Games are a waste of time, I shake my head ruefully. Because I've learned to multi-task and gain an abundant amount of knowledge from watching the news on my second tv!!!


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Experience Counts!!!

DJ Steve has been with Dulles Sound Center since 1990. Bringing with him a background of AV Technology and Customer Service, he joined our company with the same enthusiasm and energy as he has for every show he performs.

Helping your function run smoothly is one of DJ Steve's natural abilities. And with over 10 years of experience, this task is very easy for him. His friendly demenure, jocularity and customer service oriented attitude accents his performance whatever the situation. He loves nothing more than when your party unfolds as you have envisioned.

Music is the heart and soul of this business and DJ Steve commands the tunes at the precise times. From elementary school aged children to grandparents, DJ Steve has mastered the art of mixing music. Be it a quiet interlude during dinner or picking up the tempo for dancing, he plays the songs that you request and mixes in music that appeals to the majority of your guests. If dancing is what you're looking for at your next party, DJ Steve has the skills and music for you, no matter the age group.

Not every party is like the last party, but DJ Steve has performed at so many, he makes it look as if it was. DJ Steve has performed at countless wedding receptions, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, corporate parties and a variety of adult and children functions. And for the most part, the major similarity between all of these different types of parties is that people had fun dancing.

With all these parties under his belt, emceeing these events is a breeze for DJ Steve. Bridal parties' names are pronounced correctly, CEOs are recognized properly and announcements and events are heard clearly when DJ Steve is with microphone in hand.

Of course, we'll always recommend DJ Steve for your party, but so will many upscale Catering Companies, Catering Directors and Customers. Make DJ Steve the best part of your party!!!

- Dulles Sound Center DJs Management

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