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"four more, three more, two more... okay, ...one more time"

Background Check

We'll let Michelle tell you about herself in this spot.. enjoy!!!

Experience Counts!!!

DJ Michelle joined the Dulles Sound Center DJ team in 1996. Her manager recalls, "it was at a Hotel Employee Party, in which over half the staff was Hispanic and they had separately hired Michelle as a Country Line Dance Instructor. I attempted to get the crowd geared up to Line Dance and began introducing Michelle. As soon as I said her name, she cheered out, 'whoo hoo,' and I knew right then she had the motivational skills and talent to easily emcee parties.

We originally hired DJ Michelle as our official Country Line Dance Instructor. As she worked closely with our regular DJs, she quickly picked up the art of mixing music for guests to dance and have fun. It wasn't long after that her natural abilities had her doing Karaoke, DJing and Line Dancing all on her own.

The most admirable quality about DJ Michelle is her dedication to making a party as successful as it can be. Her attention to details and music requests are unsurpassed. She treats every party as if it were her own and everything has to be perfect.

DJ Michelle communicates very effectively over the microphone, a talent developed from teaching aerobics, and enjoys playing a variety of music from the oldies to current dance hits. She enjoys entertaining at Kids and School Functions as much as at Weddings and Corporate Receptions. No party is too simple or large for DJ Michelle.

DJ Michelle is very social and entertaining. She has a great professional attitude and enthusaism for her art. If you're looking for a vibrant, highly spirited entertainer, let DJ Michelle be the best part of your party!!!


- Dulles Sound Center DJ Management

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