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KJ Lani's Karaoke Korner

We've dedicated a whole Karaoke page for our #1 DJ/Karaoke employee, Elaine.

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Lani's manager says:

Not only is Elaine one of our top female DJs, she is also one of the most requested employees in the company. We've had clients create parties just to have her come back!!!

I distinctly remember the first night I interviewed Lani. A couple of my employees called and requested that I come out to one of our Karaoke shows at a bar and meet this girl named Elaine. "She's totally awesome, has a great voice and is perfect for our company," they told me. And they were absolutely correct!!!

Lani is naturally friendly, has a super personality, loves people and always strives to perform her best at every show. I could not have found a better person, friend and employee. In fact, at a recent marketing meeting, I stated, "give me two more employees like Elaine and Dulles Sound Center wouldn't have any competition!"

If you want to have fun at your next party, ask for Elaine!!!

- Curtiss Brown (Director of Marketing)

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