"Show me how you do that trick..."

Okay... I should be working right about now, but this Webpage stuff is SOOO much fun!!! Not that I haven't gotten enough of it, creating my company's webpage or nuthin'... but, hey... a little playtime never hurt anyone!!! Actually, it was my brother's cool webpage that really got me interested... read the graffetti on the wall while you are there... how cool is that!!! Anyways... on with the show!!!

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the reading!!!

"The one that makes me scream... " - All About Me:

I am a George Mason University Graduate Student, as of May 4, 1997.... My philosophy about the MBA program is that it was not about the little piece of paper that received at the end of the journey, but more about the bumps and bruises I learned along the way... those pains will be with me the rest of my life and I am told that I will be a better person for it!!!

For play, I am a Mobile DJ for a local Virginia company called Sound Center DJs ... I've been with this company since 1986!!! But that is just for fun... for work, I am their Marketing Director and Manager of their Karaoke Division. Though we have a tiny marketing budget , I still find myself just as busy as running a fortune 500 company. I do enjoy developing business relationships with other venders. But, I find the variety of my work the most rewarding as I switch my "role hats" from being a manager to marketing decision maker to a dj throughout the day.

Being a DJ and Directing Markets isn't all of my life... though most of my friends would think so and I certainly hope my boss believes that it is... Anyways, I love music (go figure that!!!) and I currently am taking piano lessons (I play a mean Linus and Lucy rendition) to accent my guitar playing. School and work left me with little time to write music or play guitar, so I figured that if I pay for piano lessons it will force me to practise and keep my fingers in shape... they say it is always the busiest person who will find a way to get something else completed!!! Though I am not a big Country Music fan, the songs I write with my guitar, Apples, are sappy love songs with a definite country flavor... ewwww.... my best friend would hurl if he realized that, but being my friend, he is able overlook this insignificant flaw!!!

"The one that makes me laugh..."

- My Next Journey:

Per the request of the readers, the Tae Kwon Do Experience with the Tiger Claw School of Martial Arts now has its own growing page. Please click the below link and return when you're done reading!!!

The Tae Kwon Do Experience

The Paparazzi Secret Photo Index of DJCurtiss has moved and is under construction as more photos are being added. The original Tae Kwon Do Training pictures are still at this link. Click below!!!

The Paparazzi Seceret Photo Index

"Spinning on that dizzy edge..." - What I Like To Do:

Being born under the influence of Mars on the Summer solstice, I have the tendency to waiver between my "horrorscope" signs of both a Gemini and Cancer... for instance, I love the beach and worship the UV rays all summer as well as escape to the mountains where I can be closer to the heavens and my star signs, Castor and Pollux... (was that their names??) And of course, when I am not at the beach or mountains and suppose to be working.... I like to play on AOL, hoping to talk to the many friends that I've danced across along the way, or beating my other brother at one of his stupid Nintendo Sports games!!! I know.. it's simple, not very extravagant, nor much of a conversational topic... but it is a balance with the rest of my crazy life.

"Soft and Only, Lost and Lonely, Just Like Heaven" - A Few Personal Notes:

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