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DJ Carmen is one of Dulles Sound Center DJs newest editions, joining the Team in 2001. One of the qualities we love most about DJ Carmen is her love of the job. From being in the Service Industry since she was 14 and her uncanny ability to sing lyrics from songs that have just been released, DJ Carmen is a natural at what she does.

Her favorite part of spinning music at parties, in her words, is playing their requests. She meticulously goes through her assignments sheets and double checks her music library to make sure she has all of the Customers Requests. She shrugs and states, "hey, I may not like Pink Cadilac at my own party, but if the client wants to dance or listen to Bruce, I'm going to play it!"

So, DJ Carmen's personal musical tastes may be a bit eclectic, but she doesn't let her own passions for "good music" (as she would claim) interfere with getting people dancing. In fact, DJ Carmen will probably be the first one to start dancing as she bops around behind her system spinning the music the Customer has requested.

It's all about getting the guests up and dancing for DJ Carmen. In fact, that's how she rates herself and the party. Recently, when a Customer called to rebook DJ Carmen for a Corporate Party, she nodded her head and smiled, then said, "I remember them, they danced all night, I'll do that party again!"

If you and your guests are ready to dance all night at your next party, DJ Carmen just might be the entertainer you need. DJ Carmen is fun-loving and energetic, but not to talkitive and would love to be the best part of your party.

- Dulles Sound Center DJs Management

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