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Basic Instructions: Simply click on the link that best represents the type of party you are having and a pdf file will be downloaded onto your computer. Note the location of the download so you can find the file to print!
Planner Sheets Instructions: After printing the PDF file, fill in the applicable information. Definitely include your name, the times of the party that the DJ is schedule to perform, the date of the event and directions to the location of the Event. When filling out directions, start with Main Intersections and use Landmarks as well as street names. Planner Sheets can be sent separately from Contracts, approximately 30 days prior to the Event.
Addressing and Checks Payable: A common mistake is to Address the envelope and/or deposit checks to "General Event Planner" or "Wedding Reception Planner" or "Entertainment Contract". Those names appear above our Mailing Address on the paperwork to identify the Type of Paperwork you are using. PLEASE address all mail to Dulles Sound Center DJs and write checks Payable to Sound Center DJs. We realize this may sound silly to the consumer, but it is a common error we are trying to reduce.