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Looking for more information about other DJ companies and other relevent information about DJs and the industry? The following links may help your search!!! If you come across any sites that you feel may help others in their search, please E-Mail the URL address and a brief description and we'll consider adding it here. Our E-Mail address is listed below.


DJ Industry Magazines

Sound Center DeeJays supports the DJ industry magazine Mobile Beat for its outstanding editorials and articles. Click on Mobile Beat for their homepage and press the "back" arrow or button to return to this site.. Their homepage also has lists of other DJ and Karaoke companies, great articles, DJ and Karaoke products and more!!!


Other Great Wedding Resources

Celebrations GaloreLooking for a variety of great ideas, gifts and information.... Celebrations Galore is the site for you!!! Not just a wedding site, but a plethra of stuff for all kinds of parties, including bachalor and bachalorette parties, Holiday Events, Birthdays, Corporate... if you're having a party, they have the information you need. Check 'em out and you'll be amazed at what you will find!!!

Click Here

Here are a few links Voted by internet users to be the Top 100 Wedding Web Sites in Virginia. Go to The Top 100 Virginia Wedding Websites and check out the other helpful information and vendors listed there. Unfortunately, not all of the websites are based in Virginia listed there... but we are!!! Don't forget to use the 'back' button to return.

Check this out, 123 Greetings has hundreds, if not more, of Wedding Announcements and a plethra of other eCards that you can send via the internet. And, we were informed that they are free!!! This is a great lil site that you definitely should bookmark and use frequently (a note for the Groom!!! ) Happy eCard shopping and use your 'back' button to return.


Other Great Mitzvah Resources


Other Great Search Resources - A convenient interface to ten types of searches.

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