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The following is Miscellaneous Information that you may find useful when booking your Sound Center DJ.

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It's your party and we're ready to accomodate your needs. The following is a list of common questions our DJs get while being interviewed. Of course, some answers are more general and we will tailor them to your specific needs. Use this list as a guideline.

What do your DJs wear?

Our philosophy on dress code is to have the DJ dress like the majority of the guests. For example, if you are having a beach theme, then the DJ will wear Khaki Pants or Shorts and a Hawain-type shirt. The following table is a good guide as to what your DJ will wear to your event and you can always request that the DJ wear something particular.

Type of Party

Dress Code

Wedding Recepions


Suit and Tie

Corporate Holiday


Suit and Tie

Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Suit and Tie

Adult Parties


Slacks and Tie

General School Dances


Jeans and Polo

Proms & Homecomings


Suit and Tie

Kids Parties


Jeans and Polo

Outdoor Parties


Khaki Shorts and Polo

What type of music do you play or have?

That really is two questions. Simply put, our DJs will play what you request ahead of time, what the guest request at the party and a mix of songs that is based on our DJs professional judgement to be appropriate and fun. Our DJs carry with them music from a multitude of eras (Big Band to the Current Top 40) and can pull music from our extensive music library before the show.

Can we choose the music or make a list?

Yep, absolutely. You can make a short or long list of songs, a list of songs that you don't want the DJ to play, a list of songs by songtitle, artist or even catagory. You can even suggest music for the cocktail time, dinner time and any other part of the event. This is your party and our DJs want to play what you and your guests want to dance to.

Can we meet the DJ?

Yep, and you can interview him/her before you sign the contract. Once you've chosen and met with your DJ, he/she will be the one that does your party. In most cases, the DJ will give his/her phone numbers so you can talk with him/her directly as the party date gets closer. Of course, you can always leave information with our Customer Service Office and they will add those little details to the DJs paperwork.

I've never planned a party, can you help?

Sure, not a problem. Our Customer Service team has helped with basic planning for hundreds of parties. Short of being an actual party planner, we can give advice on where to find things, what to purchase and how to best layout the times for certain events. In fact, this webpage has many of those ideas already listed!!!

What is required to book Sound Center?

When you are ready to book Sound Center DJs, we will send to you a contract, planner sheets and a sample music list. Most events require a non-refundable $100 deposit which is applied to the total balance. The remaining balance is due the day of the party. Simply sign the one page contract, keep the yellow copy for your records and return by the due date listed on the contract with the deposit. It's that easy!!!!

What types of payment does Sound Center accept?

Cash or Personal/Company Checks are the most common form of payment for deposits and balances. Checks should be made out to Sound Center DJs. If arranged at the time of signing a contract, Sound Center does accept Credit Cards, but you must have a special Credit Card Contract. If you sign a regular contract and want to pay the balance off with a Credit Card, there will be an extra $25 Processing Charge applied.

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