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Why Jamaica? Jamaica, as compared to a Cruise or other Caribbean Islands is one of the most cost effective Honeymoon locations, without the sacrifice of Quality, Luxury and Entertainment. From relaxing in the sun or enjoying a variety of water sports in the warm Caribbean Sea to playing golf, swimming with dolphins or dancing in a waterfall, Jamaica has it all and more.

Other Reasons? Fly Air Jamaica directly from BWI Airport and arrive in 3 hours. And if you book through Air Jamaica Vacations, you get a discounted hotel room near the airport which allows you to leave your car there for up to 14 days and receive airport shuttles to and from BWI. Bonus, when you leave Jamaica, you check your bags in at the Air Jamaica Vacations external terminal, avoiding the long lines in the airport and receiving a comfortable wait in their lounge and shops as well as a shuttle directly to the gate when it is time to board.

More about Jamaica! This page is a great start to planning your romantic Honeymoon on the Island Paradise known as Jamaica.