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Many of our customers are interested in learning what type of equipment our DJs use for their party, the following is list of various equipment we use.

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Professional Sound Systems, Compact Discs and More!!!

What is Professional DJ Equipment?

Professional Sound Systems and Equipment is a loose term that can be best explained as to what it is not. A home stereo system, including the receiver and speakers, are a prime example of not being a professional sound system. In short, a professional DJ sound system would be similiar to what professional bands, musicians and other entertainers use to amplify their music and voice. In fact, many of the name brand speakers one would see at a Rolling Stones concert, would be used by a DJ, just smaller in scale.

Does Professional DJ Equipment make a difference?

Absolutely!!! Professional Sound Systems are designed to amplify the music in large areas, without loosing the quality of the original music. Have you ever turned up your home stereo, during your favorite song, as loud as the knob can turn? And though it was loud, the speakers cracked and popped and the music sounded as if it was coming from the bottom of a trash can connected to the city's electrical generator. That's called distortion and imagine your four hour wedding reception like that. Not a pretty picture!!!

So what does Dulles Sound Center DJ's use?

Although each individual system may or may not contain all of the following Name Brand Equipment, their performance and quality are similar. For exact equipment listings and/or specifications, call our Customer Service Office and ask about your DJs actual Sound System.

Speakers: Most of the Dulles Sound Center DJs use Community Speakers, CSX-35, with 15" woofers and pump out 200 watts of clear sound. A pair of Community speakers, which are placed atop of Ultimate Speaker Stands, can easily handle rooms accommodating up to 400 guests. But, the sound quality is not comprimised at lower volume; meaning that they sound great at low volume as well as high volume, with minimal "hissing". Community Speakers are manufactured in Pennsyvania and contain a unique power surge system that makes them virtually impossible to "blow" when matched with the correct amplifier.

Amplifiers: An amplifier is what drives the speaker and Dulles Sound Center uses various Brand Name Amps, such as Sound Craftsman and Crown Power Base. Regardless of the Name Brand, the important factor is that the amp's power output is matched to what the speakers power input can handle. Most of our amps put out about 150 - 200 watts per channel (left and right) and our speakers handle 200 watts per channel and rated for up to 350 watts per channel continuously. What this means is that during your event, your DJ's music will continue on from the time he/she starts untill the end, without claiming that "he blew a speaker or amp".

Mixer's: Not to be confused with a blender, the mixer allows the DJ to seamlessly blend (mix) one song with the other. Because the mixer is connected into the amplifier, its primary function is volume control of both the microphone and CD players (or turntables, tapedecks, and other sound equipment). In short, the mixer is similar to a receiver in a home stereo. Out of all the Sound System components, the mixer is becoming the most technologically advanced with capabilities to "sample" music, "loop" part of songs over and over and even visually aid in "beat mixing". Because the majority of Dulles Sound Center's parties don't require the DJ to add these special effects (we've leave it up to the masters like Will Smith and Grand Master Flash), we use basic mixers manufactured by Audio Technica (ATUS) and Sound Craftsman. These simple mixers still allow the DJ to control the volume with each speaker (left and right), have seperate equilizer controls for left and right, and produce minimal white noice (hissing). These mixers also have 12 individual inputs for CD players and other devices, two individual microphone inputs and two pair outputs for multiple amps and speaker systems.

Compact Disc Player's: As strange as it may seem, yes, Dulles Sound Center DJ's use mini (walkman-like) compact disc players like Kenwood, Panasonic and Aiwa. Besides their light-weight and compact features, these disc players allow the DJ greater versitality in cueing the music, starting the music instantaneously and quickly changing the CD. Admittingly, many people are amazed when they peak into our Calazone Road Cases and see these small CD players. Their first reaction is typically, "is that all you use?" Of course, their perplexity is diminished when they realize that they've been dancing for the last three hours knowing none the better. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the "sound" is really quilified through the mixer's equalizer, amp and speakers and that these Compact Disc Players are soley a medium to transfer the music from the CDs through the system.

UPDATE: As of June, 2000, Dulles SCDJs have begun to upgraded their CD Players to the Pioneer CDJ 700 series. These players add versatility to the DJs mixes, including beat mixing capabilities and looping. The Pioneer CDJ 700s are durable professional Compact Disc players that will add more functionability for our DJs. At this time, over half of our systems have been upgraded.

CD Library:: One of the most common questions is what do our DJs bring in terms of music. Obviously, we can't bring everything, but Dulles Sound Center DJs always have a little something from every era. And, of course, our DJs have access to our abundant music library to pull music specific for your party. This means that our DJs always come prepared to play something for everyone. Check out of Online Sample Music list for more ideas of the types of music; our DJs typically have with them about 90% of those songs at every show.

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